Westcountree & Candy Ware


Frank Candy opened the Great Western Pottery at Heathfield, Newton Abbot, about 1875, making salt glazed sanitary and garden stoneware. By 1882 the products included vases, jugs, mugs and inkwells in the Doulton style. After the First World War with help from someone who had worked for the Staffordshire Potteries they introduced Wescontree’ Art Ware, a white clay, vitrified ware with splashed, veined and lustre glazes. Later these ware were being shown at their showrooms in central London. Later about 1936-38 the art wares were renamed ‘Candy Ware’ and were largely hand thrown by Sid Dart, with a Mr. Fox being responsible for the exciting glaze and colour effects.
Production ceased during the Second World War but was resumed c1947. The production of art pottery finished there sometime in the 1950s shortly after Sid Dart moved to work at the Watcombe pottery.
Several different backstamps were used at various times being black rubber stamped ‘Westcontry Ware NA’, Westcountry Ware Candy’, Candy England, or Candy Ware Made in England.