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Nae cows, nae care

Nae man can tether tide or time

Nature impartial in her ends
When she made men the stronger
In justice then to make amends
Made women's tongues the longer

Neer cast a cloot till May be oot

Ne'er seek a wife till you ken
What to do wi her

Never let your chances
Like the sunbeams pass you by

Never prove false to a friend

Never put off for tomorrow a Laugh you can laugh today

Never put off till tomorrow
What can be done today

Never quit certainty for hope

Never say die, up man and try

Never weary in welldoing

New Laid

Night brings out stars as sorrow shows us truths

Nimble thoughts can jump both sea & land

Niver zay die, up man and try

No life can be dreary when works a delight

Noo is the day and noo is the hour

No path of flowers leads to glory

No path of roses leads to glory

No place delights the tourist race Like Oban in the Highlands
For Oban is a dainty place in distant or in high lands

No place on earth so pleases me,
As dear old Torquay by the sea

No place on earth zo plazes me as this wan by the way

No road is long with good company

No star is ever lost we once have seen
We always may be what we might have been

No tongue can tell, no heart can think
What joy it is to have a drink

None are so good as they should be

None so nice as Sally

none but the brave deserve the fair

None of your Blarney

Nort but taters

North, South, East, West,
Bill Mole`s is the best,
( Mug made for Old Commercial Inn Bishopsteignton )

Nothing good is got by worry

Nothing ventured nothing gained
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O a little, tak a little
When there's nocht tak a

O Biddiford is ye porte my boy,
Of ye maryners bold and trewe,
With a heve O ho, have a hoy,
When tis westward of for ye crewe

O for the herrings and the good brown beef,
And the cider and the cream so white,
For they are the making of the jolly Devon lads,
To play and eke to fight

Of the two evils choose the least

O geiniog I geiniog,
Ar arian yn bunt,
Penny to penny makes a pound

O list to me ladies fair,
And when ye wish to curl your hair,
For the safety of this domicile,
Pray place this lamp upon this tile

Oh I love dear old Devon
For the grand hearts we recall
For the good men God has given
Oh I love it best of all

Oh I say ain't it hot

Oh its Tommy this and Tommy that an' Tommy go away?
But its Thank you Mister Atkins when the band begins to play
Oh its Tommy this and Tommy that or Chuck him out the brute
But its Saviour of our country when the guns begin to shoot
Then its Tommy this and Tommy that & Tommy hows your soul
But its the Thin red line of 'eroes when the drums begin to roll

Oh the days seem limp and long,
when all goes right and nothing wrong

Old love does not rust

On souvent bisoin d'un plus petite que soi
(You always need someone smaller than yourself)

One good friend is worth many relations

One today is worth two tomorrows

One touch of nature, makes the whole world kin?

Oni heuir ni fedir,
If you don`t sow you will not reap

Only the memory of the just,
Smells sweet and blossoms in the dust

Only the actions of the just,
Smell sweet,And blossoms in the dust, 1778

O`re the green and balmy meadow,
Where the milky kine repose

Ower reckless may repent

Our heads cool,
Our feet warm,
And a drop of good liquor,
To do us no harm

Out of debt out of danger

Ower mony cooks spoil the broth
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Pass the jam

Patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet

Penny wise pound foolish

Pessimism never paid a dividend

Pigs may whistle but
They ha ill mow for it?

Pips may whistle but they ha' an ill mow prov't?

Pixie fine and pixie gay
Pixie now will run away

Pleasant dreams - A light in the dark
Pobel Abell A Beau Castilly (See non-English mottoes for translation)
Promise litttle and do much

Pull gently on a weak rope

Put a stout heart to a steep hill

Put your shoulder to the wheel
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Rax oot tae the sugar

Read see that me but not my got
down will I love if me love for
and you love you that love for be
up and you if you should you must

Remembered joys are never past

Remember the kindness of others, forget your own

Ride a cock horse to Banbury

Ride over all obstacles and win the race

Right wrongs no one

Rosey Posey at five takes Tea,
Dolls and kittens invited free
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Sandy love the Thistle,
John Bull loves the Rose,
Bur Paddy loves the land,
Where the shamrock grows

Save and spend and God will send

Save while you have
And give while you live

Save yourself pains
By taking pains

Say a kind word when you can

Say little but think much

Say not always what you know
But always know what you say

Say well is good but do wells is better

Scatter with one hand gather with two

See a pin & pick it up
All the day you'll have good luck

Semper Fidelis
Here's a health to all Exonians
Here's a health to all Devonians
Here's a bumper to the brim
To their muscle and their limb
Floriant Exoniensas

Send us a line
Uz baint dade

See a pin and let it lay, Bad luck yours all the day

See ! In Victoria's Glorious reign,
How England does it`s best attain,
Because thro` Sixty years she`s been,
Our Great, Our Good, our Gracious
1837 Queen 1897

Send them victorious, Happy and gloious,
Long to reign over us, God save them both

Shallow brooks are noisy

Shut mouth never catch fly
Si Jeunesse Savait, Si Viellesse Pouvait (broadly 'Youth is wasted on the young')
Silence is a friend that will never betray

Simple Simon met a Pieman

Sloth is the parent of want

Small herbs have grace
Ill weeds grow apace
Snore and you sleep alone So you jolly dogs now Heres God speed the plow Long life and content to the farmer Soft words are hard arguments Soft words win hard hearts Some are wise some are otherwise Some hae meat that canna eat, an some would eat that want it, But we hae meat an we can eat, sae let the Lord be thankit ( There`s mair in the kitchen ) Some like apples, Some like inions, So many men, So many pinions Some pay their dues when they are due Some when overdue Some never do, do you Some sing the praises of Cammembert And others of Fromage de Brie But neither compare with a Welsh Rabbit rare For that's just the cheese for me Souvenir from the oldest chymist shoppe in England, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, Est 1720 Sow a character, reap a destiny Sow an act, reap a Habit, reap a Character, Sow a Character, reap a Destiny Speak less than thou knowest Speak little Speak well
Small herbs have grace, Ill weeds grow apace

Speak when not spoken to
Howl when youre chid
Shut the door after you
Good little kieak when you are spoken to
Come when I call
Close the door after you
That will be all
Spill salt spill sorrow

Spit on your roof and hand fast

Stay still in the hand of the potter,
Lie low neath his wonderful touch,
He shapeth and mouldeth in mercy,
The clay that he loveth so much,
Surrender thyself to his working,
The curve and the hollow he wills,
Nor shrink from the pain and the pressure,
For the vessel he fashions he fills

Still waters run deep

Stracht frae the coo

Stracht frae the hen

Straight from the nest

Straight is the line of duty,
Curved is the line of beauty,
Follow the one and you will see,
The other ever following thee

Strength for today is all that we need,
For there will never be a tomorrow,
Tomorrow is but another today,
With its own measure of joy and sorrow

Strike me and I`ll light

Strive to learn from all things

Striving to better oft we mar what's well ( Shakespear)

Success comes not by wishing,
But by hard work bravely done

Such glens and rocks as all agree is nowhere else but Chudleigh

Sunshine makes shadows

Sweep before your own door first

Sweet as honey

Sweeten to your liking

Sympathy without relief is like mustard without beef