Puzzle jugs have been popular products from potters for centuries

The liquid inside the jug can only be consumed by blocking the right sequence of holes in the handle and around the rim. I would not want to try on an old jug, who knows what lurks within?

The handle and rim are hollow which allow the flow of liquid. The hollow is achieved by fashioning the clay around a straw which is burnt during firing leaving the necessary space, probably not a 100% result.

Most of the Torquay Potteries produced them, with Aller Vale predominant. The images below give a fair coverage of the styles available. There are 3 main mottoes associated with these:-

Within this jug there is good liquor
Fit for parson or for vicar
But how to drink and not to spill
Will try the utmost of your skill
Come fill me full with liquors sweet
For that is good when friends do meet
But pray take care don`t let me fall
Lest you lose your liquor, jug and all
Here Gentlemen come try your skill
I'll hold a wager if you will
That you don't drink this liquor all
Without you spill or let some fall