Wesuma is a name derived from Weston-super-Mare, which is where it was based. Like Exeter pottery this is well outside the ‘Torquay’ area, but was run by Tom Lemon after he departed the Lemon & Crute pottery partnership.

Wesuma Pottery, T W Lemon & Son

After attempting to build a pottery at Newton Road Torquay, Tom Lemon purchased a pottery in Locking Road Weston-super-Mare in late 1926 from a Mr Arliss of the Somerset Art Pottery.
Initially the pottery made was under glazed decorated blue and streaky wares then with designs of kingfishers, pheasants, flowers and fruits. Later Tom and his son Cyril concentrated on experimenting with, more modern designs using majolica (over glaze decoration) and sgraffito decorations of rising suns, flowers and geometric designs.

Mottled brown green blue backgrounds for king fishers etc where later introduced. They used Uranium oxides for yellow and red coloured glazes.

Little work was done after the war started and Tom Lemon died in 1941, then shortly after in 1942 a bomb demolishing the pottery.

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