New collectors of Torquay Pottery normally start by buying all pots that they can find, however this often leads to a themed collection after a few years. The range of themes which confront the collector are legion, and this page attempts to suggest some of them.

SeasonsChristmas/winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Place namesPlace-names

Mottoes: Sayings, Poetic, Dialects, Nursery Rhymes

PatternsScandies, Cottages, Cockerels, Flowers, Scrolls,             Kingfishers, Ships & Boats, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Seagulls

Terracotta: Vases, Figures, Decorated Plaques

AnimalsCats, Dogs, Farmyard

Grotesques: inc. Pixies

Types of PotteryTeapots, Coffee Pots, Cups & Saucers, Eggcups, Shaving Mugs, Puzzle Jugs, Plates, Biscuit Barrels, Vases, Jugs, Match-strikers, Inkwells, Scent Bottles, Toastracks, Tygs, Udder Vases, Tobacco Jars

Faience-wareNamed Scenery, Unnamed Scenery, Animals

Advertising: Products, Breweries

Commemoratives: Military, Personal, Royal Jubilees and Coronations


Toby Jugs:

Gurgle Jugs (Glug Jugs)

Pottery Displays

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