This list of people involved in the various potteries was derived from publications of the TPCS and is inevitably incomplete, as we do not have any original source material. For photographs of the pottery workers, and further information, you are urged to seek out the TPCS publication The Art of the Torquay and South Devon Potters. Please go to Society Publications on this website for full details. 

If anyone has knowledge of the potters, be they ancestors or from records, we would love to hear from you, no matter how slight the information might be.

We would also like to have copies of any printed records you may have come across, in the form of articles or adverts or anything, so that we can publish on the website and add to the archives.

These abbreviations have been used:-  abbrev


Addison Iris Dmth Slipdipper Sculptor  
Aggett Bill Lpk   1910s
Algar Harry Wat or TTC   1880s
Aggett Bill Lpk   1910s
Allen G P Wat   1867-84
Andrews Mr(s?) DV Owner  
Annan C Wat Decorator  
Anning Charley Wat Turner 1930s – 1962
Annon Richard (was Anning) AV Clay maker 1890s
Anniss Winifred Lpk Foreman 1920-30
Asbury Mr BP Clerk  
Ashton Mr BAP(later DP) Fettler Late 1950s
Badcock Horace L&C Director  
Baggley Charles Wat Labourer 1870s
BaggleyEnoch Wat Potter 1870s
Baggley Simpson Wat Potter 1870s
Bagley Edward Wat Potter 1920s
Balkham William Dmth Decorator  
Barker John (Jack) AV/Wat/TV/HEC Modeller 1910s
Barker John Leach Wat Decorator/Partner 1919-21
Barlow FR Candy   1950s
Barnish Ann Wat or TTC Warehouse assist’t 1880s
Barnish Sarah Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Barrett Edwin Babb Owner 1952-68
Barton Emma Wat or TTC “pottery worker” 1880s
Basnett John Wat Office Manager 1950s
Bates Reg BP Modeller 1920s
Battershill Lily Wat Showroom  
Battershill Maud Wat Showroom  
Battershill Rose Wat Showroom  
Beare Thomas DV Owner  
Bedford George Wat Modeller 1870s
Beech Mr (Arthur Wellesley) TTC Decorator 1870s
Bening Joseph AV Painter 1890s
Benney John AV Decorator 1890s
Bentley Alfred Wat or TTC Modeller 1880s
Bentley George Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Bentley Thomas TTC Potter/Manager 1874-84
Bickery Jim Lpk Decorator 1920s
Bicknell Carol Wat Decorator 1950s
Bicknell Fred Lpk Decorator assist’t 1920s-30s
Bicknell Henry Wat Thrower 1950s
Bicknell Walter Wat or TTC Potter 1880s
Birbeck Alfred TTC/Wat Decorator  
Birbeck Bob Wat/OP/BAP Decorator  
Birbeck Harry Wat/L&C/TP Artist  
Birheck Holland TTC/Wat Artist  
Birbeck William Wat Decorator  
Black Jack BT/Babb    
Blackler Fred Lpk/AV Director/Manager 1910s – 20s
Blackler R Lpk Son of director  
Blackmore Fred Wat Packer 1930s-40s
Blackmore John BAP(later DP) Mould maker 1970s
Bloor Isabel DV Decorator  
Bloor Sarah Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Bloor William Wat or TTC Potter 1880s
Boden Leonard Wat Gilder 1870s
Bond Frank DT/Bovey Co Founder 1919-20s
Bond George AV/Lpk/Dmth    
Bond John Sydney Lpk Inscriber  
Bond Ken Bovey/DT   1920s
Bond Mr BT/Lpk    
Bond Sid Lpk Mottoes 1920s
Bond William DT/Bovey Co Founder 1919-20s
Bond William Samuel Wat/BT Potter  
Borer Thomas Lpk Decorator 1910s
Boucher Jack DV Decorator  
Boulton Mr BAP(later DP) Manager Late 1950s
Bourne James Wat or TTC Figure maker 1880s
Bowden A DT Decorator  
Bowden Bill BAP    
Bowden F TP /Wat Decorator 1920a
Bowen FE TP   1930s
Bradford brothers Wat Decorators  
Bradford John H F J/BP/Mayville Director 1920s
Bradford Samuel ‘Reb” AV/Lpk Decorator 1890s
Brewer Bessie Wat or TTC Warehouse assist’t 1880s
Brewer Henry Wat or TTC/Bhill Potter 1880s
Brewer J HEC Owner 1926-31
Brewer James Wat/TTC?/Lpk Potter 1880s
Brewer Jane Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Brewer Mary Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Brewer William Lpk/Wat Owner 1890s-1905
Bridges Miss TTC Decorator 1870s
Brimblecombe John Art Schools   1880s
Brimson Earnest AV    
Brinicombe Reg L&C Thrower  
Brock Charles Wat Manager 1880s
Brooks Harry Lpk   1910s
Budd Percy BP Decorator  
Bulley Bill AV Potter 1880s
Bulley Herbert AV/Lpk   up to 1905
Bulley Mary Art Schools   1880s
Burn Harold Lpk   1910s
Bush Doris Wat Decorator 1952-62
Butler-Stoney C AV Decorator  
Butress Doreen DV Decorator  
Candy Frank Candy    
Cann Phyllis DV Decorator  
Carnell John Dmth Thrower 1940s
Carpenter G DT Decorator  
Causey George Lpk/AV Director/thrower 1910s-20s
Causey Tom Lpk/AV Decorator 1910s-20s
Cawthorne Mrs Dmth .    
Chaffe Mary Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Chronberg Sten Dmth    
Chudleigh Cecil BAP/Lpk/Dmth    
       ”          “ TP/BT/BP/HC   1920s
Clarke Bert WSM Decorator  
Clarke Herbert L&C Decorator  
Clements Eddie Wat Handler & Wedger  
Clements Ernie Wat Wedger 1930s-40s
Clements Fred Wat Handler & Wedger  
Cockram Fred AV Foreman 1890s
Cohen Hester Dmth Decorator  
Colbeck Thomas Wat or TTC Turner 1880s
Cole Arthur Wat/Lpk/StM Dipper & handler 1930-40s
Cole Bert Wat Dipper  
Cole Edwin Wat or TTC Potter 1880’s
Cole Frank Wat Manager 1930-40s
Cole Harry Wat Handler 1950s
Cole Mr Dmth Director/owner 1969-80
Cole Mr Exeter Art Partner 1890s
Cole Mrs Wat    
Cole Tom Wat Turner 1930-40s
Cole William Wat or TTC Potter 1880s
Collard Charles AV/Wat/Lpk Decorator 1890s to 1904
Collard Charles CD/Honiton Owner 1904 to 1947
Cooper Alan Dmth Works manager 1960s
Cooper Christine Wat Typist 1950s
Cooper George Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Coram Fred Lpk Clay 1920s
Cornish Dick DV? Mould maker  
Cornish Marjorie DV Decorator  
Cox David Wat Turner 1950s
Cox Reg Candy    
Cribbett Fred Wat Stores  
Critchlow Ann Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Critchlow Bill Wat Decorator 1930s
Critchlow John Wat or TTC or Lpk “engineer factory” 1880s
Croot Bert L&C Decorator  
Crutchlow Mr Lpk Owner 1889-93
Crutchlow Mr Wat/Lpk/L&C/Babb Potter 1955-61
Croot Bob Wat Turner 1950s
Crute Harry L&C/DAP/Wat/Lpk Owner/Decorator 1914-50s
Crute Harry TP(HC)/HEC/Dmth Decorator/ Manager 1914-50s
Croot Jack Wat Turner 1940s
Dart Charles AV Potter 1890s
Dart Fred Wat Thrower  
Dart Harry Wat Glaze dipper 1930s, 40s
Dart John AV Potter 1880s
Dart Sid Candy/AV?/Wat Thrower 1940s-50s
Dart Thomas AV Potter 1890s
Davey A. J. Art Schools   1880s
Davies Pat Wat Stores 1950s
Davis Arthur Dmth Director/owner 1963-69
Davis Doris DV Decorator  
Davis Heather Dmth Decorator  
Dedman Ethel WSM Decorator  
Delbridge Harry Wat or TTC Mould maker 1880s
Dexter Ted DV   1920s
Dowell Norah TP Mottowriter 1915-18
Eamer Doreen Wat Decorator 1950s
Easterbrook John Art Schools   1880s
Easterbrook Ted Lpk Packer 1930-40s
Eddy Peter Dmth Decorator  
Edmonds Ray Wat Mottoea  
Elliot Albert AV Decorator 1890s
Elliot Valerie Wat Decorator 1950s
Elliott Norman L&C Thrower  
Emmett Daisy DV Decorator  
Emmett Rose DV Decorator  
Endean Helen Lpk Administration  
Endicott Charlotte Wat or TTC Enameller 1880s
Evans Francis R Wat Owner 1884-1901
Evans Selina Wat Potters Decorator 1870s
Evetts Tonia Dmth Decorator  
Ewbank Leonard Art Schools   1880s
Facey Bill Lpk Kiln hand/glazing 1920s
Facey George Lpk/AV Decorator 1920s
Fisher Alexander jnr TTC Painter 1880s
Fisher Alexander snr TTC Painter 1880s
Fletcher Elizabeth Wat or TTC Turner assist’t 1880s
Fo(r)ster Mr F&H/BP/Mayville Director 1934-37
Focardi G Wat Sculptor  
Ford Edward Art Schools   1880s
Ford Fred Wat Jollier 1950s
Ford-Hutchings Bill Wat Stores 1950s
Forrester William Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Forster Ellis S Mayville/BP/H F J Owner/Manager 1920s
Foster Henry Wat Potter 1870s
Fox PQ Candy Chief engineer  
Foxlow Willie L&C Decorator  
Franklyn Helena Dmth Decorator  
Franks Elsie Lpk Slip dipper 1920s
Fry B DT Plate maker  
Fry Robert Bovey/DT   1920s
Gibiciki Stan Dmth Handyman  
Giles Peter Wat Decorator 1950s
Gill Charles AV   1890s
Gillow Dr William TTC Director/Founder 1870s
Glanville Anna Wat assistant 1870s
Glanville Tom Wat assistant 1870s
Goss Arthur Dmth Saggars/kiln 1940s
Griffiths Owen TTC Modeller 1880s
Grist Mr Wat Packer 1950s
Grocott Mr TTC Decorator 1870s
Guest Nesta DV Decorator  
Haines Miss Wat Office 1910s
Hall George Wat/StM    
Hardy Mr BAP(later DP) Director Late 1950s
Hart George AV    
Hart Jack L&C Labourer  
Hart Mrs Wat    
Hart William H&M/EAP/AV/DAP Owner/Decorator 1894-1921
Harvey Olga DV?    
Harvey Richard Dmth Director 1950-63
Harvey Sheila Wat Stores 1950s
Hawthorne Mr Wat Thrower 1880s
Heffer Mr Wat Modeller  
Hewitt Lily Lpk   1920s-30s
Hexter Mr AV/Wat Owner 1897-1923
Heywood Thomas L&C Kilns  
Hicks Brothers Wat Turners  
Hicks Samuel AV   1890s
Higginbottom Edwin Wat/TTC? Painter 1880s
Higginbottom Sarah Wat/TTC? Painter 1880s
Higginbottom William Wat/TTC Turner/Potter 1870s
Higginbottom William Henry Wat   1880s
Hill George AV   1890s
Hill George Wat Mottoes 1950s
Hill Harry Wat/AV/Lpk Decorator 1930s, 40s
Hill William Wat Potters presser 1870s
Hiscock Geoff Babb Owner 1968-date
Hocking Albert Wat Turner 1910s-20s
Hockings Eli Wat or TTC Potter 1870/80s
Hockings Elizabeth Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Holcombe Jill DV Decorator  
Hope Herford DV Owner 1920s
Hope Mrs DV Decorator  
Hope Roger DV Director 1950s
Hopkinson Richard Wat or TTC Figure maker 1880s
Howard Albert AV    
Howard Bill (William George) AV/H&M/Lpk Artist/Decorator 1880s-40s
Howard Fred AV Labourer 1890s
Howard George Wat Potters presser 1870s
Howard Richard AV    
Hudson Alexander Gilbert H F J/BP/Mayville Director 1920s
Humpherson Mr & Mrs AV/Wat Owners  
Hunt Joe Wat Decorator/Kilns 1930s, 40s
Hunt Mr F&H/BP/Mayville Director 1934-37
Hunt Tom Wat Decorator 1920s
Hunt William Wat or TTC Presser 1880s
Hutton Mr BAP(later DP) Director Late 1950s
Hydon Thomas Bovey Co Cup maker  
Ivey Stan Dmth Jollier  
Jackman Herbert L&C Packer  
Jackman William Wat orTTC Potter 1880s
Jackson Gladys Lpk Artist 1920s-30s
Jackson Harry Fletcher H F J/BP/Mayville Director 1920s
Jackson John Wat Thrower  
Jackson Ron Wat/DP/Babb Thrower 1940s-90s
Jarvis Herbert Wat or TTC Potter 1880s
Jennings Bill Lpk Clay 1920s
Jewitt Arthur Wat Potter 1870s
Johns Bill Wat Kilns 1950s
Johns Sid BT/Wat/Lpk/Dmth Jollier 1938-40s
Johnson Eliza Wat or TTC Warehouse assist’t 1880s
Johnson George Wat or TTC Mould maker 1880s
Jones Elizabeth Wat or TTC Turner assist’t 1880s
Kane Vincent BT/TP /BT Art/TP Founder  
Kapaski (Kropka?) Louise DV Decorator  
Kelly Samuel Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Kirkham S AV/Wat Decorator 1880s
Kirkland S Wat Modeller  
Koppenhagen Howard Dmth Owner 1948-55
Lamy Monsieur TV   1910s
Lamy P BAP/DP Owner/Artist 1905-14
Leaman Hazel DV Decorator  
Lear Fred Wat Moulds/Models  
Lemon Cyril L&C   1923-26
Lemon James WSM/L&C? Decorator? 1920s
Lemon Thomas L&C/D AP/ Founder/Thrower 1922-30
Lemon Thomas TV/WSM/Lpk    
Letori Jack Wat Clay preparation 1950s
Levin Miss TTC Decorator 1870s
Levin Mr TTC Decorator 1870s
Lewis Leo BAP/ DP/Dmth Modeller/Manager  
Lewis Thomas AV Thrower  
Lloyd Dorothy DV Decorator  
Lloyd Henry Wat or TTC Potters thrower 1880s
Lock Augustus AV/Lpk   1890s-1910s
Lock Fred Lpk Decorator 1920s
Lock Richard AV/Lpk   1910s
Lomax W Wat Clerk of works  
Long Val Wat Decorator 1960s
Luscombe John Wat Modeller 1870s
Luttrell Fred Wat Turner  
Macey Alfred Mayville/BP/HFJ Owner 1920s
Main Daniel AV Foreman 1890s-1902
Main James AV/Lpk/Wat/CD Decorator 1890s
Main Sam AV/Lpk Thrower 1900s
Maitland John TTC Secretary 1870s
Manley Fred Bovey/Wat/HC    
Manley Les Bovey/D V/DP   1922-23
Manley Winnie DV Decorator  
Marcucci Domenico AV Decorator 1889-90s
Marsh Heather Dmth Decorator 1940s
Marsh Edward B AV Potters turner 1890s
Marsh Jimmy AV   1890s
Martin Henry Wat Potters presser 1870s
Martin Wallace Wat Modeller 1870s?
Matthews Bill Wat Packer 1930s,40s
Matthews Mr WSM Owner 1880s
Mayo Len Lpk Decorator 1920s
McCracken Leslie Dmth Director/owner 1963/69
Mears J AV   1890s
Medland Elsie Lpk Wedger assist’t 1920s-30s
Medway Bob Lpk   1910s
Meech Bob Lpk/Wat Thrower 1940s
Meigh Henry Wat Potter 1870s
Mellor Bert DV/Bovey Modeller 1920s
Mellor T AV Decorator  
Meyer Harry H TTC Manager 1880s
Middleton Edward Charles Wat Decorator 1920s
Milford Mark Wat Decorator  
Millar Evelyn Wat Typist 1950s
Millar Thomas Wat Modeller 1870s
Miller William Dmth Director 1950s
Millet John Wat Potter 1870s
Milton Albert Wat/LpklDmth Thrower 1930s, 40s
Mohr JM Wat Sculptor  
Moist Alfred H&MIEAP/ET/DAP Owner 1894-1910
Moist Joseph DAP (H&M) Thrower 1897-1935
Moore Josie Dmth Decorator  
Moore Michael Wat Decorator 1950s
Moreton Mary Wat or TTC “pottery worker” 1880s
Moreton Richard Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Morley Barbara DV Decorator  
Morris William Wat Potter 1870s
Morrish Betty DV Decorator  
Morsworthy Emma Lpk Warehouse 1920s-30s
Moss George StM Director 1960s
Mountford Arthur Wat Artist/Decorator 1880s
Mountford Mr BT    
Moxhay Ernie Lpk Turner 1920s-30s
Moxhay Harry Lpk Wedger 1920s-30s
Mullins Betty Wat Decorator 1950s
Nekola Joseph DT/Bovey Decorator  
Norman Gwen DV Decorator  
Norrish Reg Wat Turner 1930s-40s
Northcott Bill Lpk Decorator 1920s
Parks Daniel Wat or TTC Figure maker 1880s
Parks Thomas Wat or TTC Turner 1880s
Parton Betsy Wat Potters Decorator 1870s
Payne Lawrie Wat Office Manager 1950s
Payne Sid Wat Slip Dipper 1950s
Pearce Arthur Lpk   1910s
Pearce Bertha Lpk assist’t 1920s-30s
Pearce Bill Lpk Turner 1920s-30s
Pearce Florrie Lpk assist’t 1920s-30s
Peck Rhoda Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Philips Bill Wat Office Manager 1950s
Phillips Charles AV Modeller/potter 1880s
Phillips John AV Owner/Founder 1881-97
Phillips Miss E AV Decorator  
Pinsent Walt Wat Saggar maker 1930s, 40s
Pointer Daniel Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Ponsford Bill L&C Kilns/Glazing  
Ponsford Nora DV Decorator  
Pope E HC/Lpk   1912-37
Potter George Wat orTTC “terracottaworker”t880s  
Potter S DT Kiln fireman  
Potts Chatto W.J. Wat Toolmaker  
Poulton Miss TTC Decorator 1870s
Powlesland Gladys DV Decorator  
Pratt Edmund Wat Stores 1950s
Priddoe Peter Dmth/Babb Decorator  
Proctor Isabel DV Decorator  
Pym Bert Wat Presser 1950s
Pym Ernest Wat   1950s
Pym Ron Wat Jollier 1950s
Pym Rose Wat Decorator 1950s
Rawle Betty Wat Stores 1950s
Raybould Frank StM Director upto 1969?
Redman Doris WSM Artist  
Redman Ethel WSM Artist  
Redman Muriel WSM Artist  
Redoubt Marion Dmth Decorator  
Reed Arthur BT Manager  
Rees-Hill Daisy DV Decorator  
Rendle Harry Lpk Kiln hand/glazing 1920s
Rice Fred Lpk Thrower 1920s
Ridgeway George TTC Manager/Secretary 1890s
Ridley Robinson Lpk Owner 1880s
Robinson William Snr BT    
Rouse Betty DV Decorator  
Rowe Cecil Wat Stores 1950s
Sadler Arthur DV    
Sadler Mr Wat/BT Art Director  
Sampson Kathleen DV Decorator  
Sampson Sheila DV Decorator  
Sander Phyllis DV Decorator  
Satterley Don Wat Decorator 1950s
Scragg William Wat or TTC Potter 1880s
Seabridge Henry Wat or TTC Turner 1880s
Setters Emmanuel Lpk Fireman 1920s-30s
Shenton Elizabeth Wat or TTC Turner assist’t 1880s
Shenton Thomas Wat or TTC Turner 1880s
Short S DT Slipdipper  
Shrodinski Mr Wat Kilns  
Shufflebotham Sam DT/TP Decorator 1936-1939
Shuttlebotham Thomas Wat Turner 1870s
Skinner Annie Wat Assist’t 1870s
Skinner Bob AV/Lpk Manager/Director 1910s-1920s
Skinner Charlie Lpk Slipdipper 1910s-1920s
Skinner James Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Skinner JG Wat Modeller 1870s
Skinner John Wat or TTC Potter 1880s
Skinner Robert Wat or TTC/Lpk/AV Potter 1880s
Skinner Sid Lpk Founder 1900-10s
Skinner William Wat or TTC/Lpk/AV Potter 1880s
Skinner William (Son) Lpk    
Slatterley Nora DV Decorator  
Smith Arthur Wat or TTC Potter 1880s
Smith Lewis Wat or TTC Packer 1880s
Smith Ray Babb Owner 1968-date
Smith Robert Dmth Jollier/Director 1950-63
Smith Sarah Wat or TTC Burnisher 1880s
Smith Vera Dmth Decorator  
Smith Winnie Dmth Decorator  
Snell Amelia Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Snell Elizabeth Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Snell Martha Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Snell Mary Wat or TTC Turner assist’t 1880s
Snell Thomas Wat or TTC Warehouse assist’t 1880s
Snow Sarah Wat Decorator 1880s
Somerville Emily Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Sparks Thomas Wat Potter 1870s
Srodzinsky Harry L&C Kilns  
Stacpoole Mr BT    
Staddon E TP/(HC)/BT Art Owner 1930s
Steel Thomas Wat or TTC Painter 1880s
Steer Arthur DT/TP (H C)/BT Potter  
Steers Peter Candy   1922-65
Stephan Ernest Wat or TTC Flower artist 1880s
Stephenson Joseph Wat or TTC Potter 1880s
Stevenson Charlie Wat Kilns  
Stevenson John Wat Modeller  
Stick Ethel DV Decorator  
Stone Doug Wat Clay preparation 1950s
Stone Mr Wat Thrower  
Stonier Samuel Wat Manager 1880s
Street Yvonne DV Decorator  
Strick Nicholas TV Owner 1912-13
Stuckey Reg DAP/Wat/Lpk/BP Thrower 1920s
Tanton Janet Wat Stores 1950s
Tapper Winifred Mary DV Decorator  
Tarr Bernice DV Decorator  
Tarr Marjorie DV Decorator  
Taylor Irving Lpk Owner 1883-95
Tilstone John BAP/ DP/Wat Manager 1959-62
Tolliday Bert Lpk Artist apprentice 1920’s
Tope Bill Lpk Kiln hand 1920s
Towell Bill and Mary DV   1920s
Towell William senior DV   1920s
Towillis Vic Candy Glazer  
Trelease Mr Exeter Art Manager 1890s
Tucker Maud Wat Showroom  
Tunnicliff Caroline Wat orTTC Warehouse assist’t 1880s  
Tunnicliff George Wat orTTC Packer 1880s
Tunnicliff Helen Wat orTTC Warehouse assist’t 1880s  
Turley S HH & Co Secretary 1950s
Turner Mr BT Engraver  
Turner Mr Wat Thrower  
Udraufski Sid Wat Mottoes/Decorator 1930s-40s  
Vallance Miss Candy Thrower 1940s
Vernon Joe DV Modeller 1910’s
Vyan Reg Wat Turner 1930s-50s
Vickery Charlie Lpk   1910s
Vulliamy Blanche AV Designer 1890s
Vyle Evelyn BP Office 1923-37
Wakeham Bert L&C Decorator  
Waldron Bill BT    
Walker Arthur TTC Decorator 1870s
Walker Henry Wat orTTC Potter 1880s
Walker William Wat orTTC Turner 1880s
Ward (H)Atherton Lpk Packer/Storeman 1920s-30s
Warsdale Les DP Mould maker  
Watson Elijah Wat orTTC Potter 1880s
Watson Isabella Wat orTTC Saleswoman 1880s
Watson Marshall Wat orTTC Turner 1880s
Way Jack Wat Handler  
Waymouth Ida BP Office 1920s
Weeks Mrs BAP(later DP) Slip caster  
Whimple Beauchamp AV? Modeller?  
White Mrs Sally Wat Showroom/Stores  
Whitman George Wat Mould maker 1870s
Whitman Sarah Wat Potter 1870s
Wilkes Joan Wat Decorator 1960s
Willacott Sid Lpk Packer/kilns 1920s
Willcocks Thomas AV   1890s
Williams Marlene Dmth Decorator/fettler 1940s
Willott Ralph Lpk Owner 1890s
Wills Len Lpk Decorator 1920s-30s
Wills Maurice Lpk Decorator 1920s
Wills Mr BT    
Wilson Cyril Wat/Lpk Thrower 1947-1950’s
Wilson Laurence StM Agent  
Wilson Reg L&C/StM/Wat Decorator  
Wilson Roy StM Founder 1962-69
Windsor Jack Lpk Painter/labourer 1920s
Wonnacott Charlie Wat Potter 1930s
Wonnacott Jack Lpk Wedger 1920s-30s
Wood Deidre Babb/Dmth Decorator 1953-71
Woodley Joan Wat Mottoes 1950s
Woolacott Florrie DV Decorator  
Worsdale L BAP(later DP) Foreman  
Wyatt Ernest DT/BT    
Wyatt Fred Wat Decorator 1930s-40s
Yates Molly Wat Decorator 1960s
Youlden Sid L&C Kilns  
Youlden William Dmth Slip dipper 1940s
Young WF AV Decorator 1885?