The Devonshire Potteries Ltd. was on the site of The Bovey Tracy Art Pottery and came into being on the demise of that pottery.  DPLtd. was the simple impressed mark initially used and the pottery became incorporated in July 1947 with Mr Vincent Kane a decorator as one of the owners together with M. Kane. Later a Mr Boulton was in charge and working there during the following years were Les Manley, Bill Bowden, Donald Doxley and Ron Jackson pottery thrower and all rounder who was there 1953-57.

Worth looking out for are the finer coloured scrolls reminiscent of the earlier Torquay potteries scrolls. They can be found mostly on jugs and vases and were decorated by Bob Birbeck who was there some time during the 1950s.

It is said that due to workers changing jobs or when there was short time working that there was an interchange of workers with the older established nearby Devon Tors Pottery so similar styles in both thrown shapes and decorations occurred making identification of unmarked items difficult.

The business mostly produced table wares decorated with scrolls, polka dot, seagulls, kingfishers and sail boats but they made very few art or cottage motto wares. The pottery was sold to G. Hardy & Co. in 1954 and shortly afterwards produced moulded animals marked Trentham Art Ware Devon with the overall business closing around 1968.

Pottery marks and backstamps with dates made of this pottery as well as over 250 other Torquay, Devon and West Country potteries can be found in the TPCS Marks Book see ‘Products for Sale’

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