The Lemon and Crute Pottery came about when Tom Lemon a thrower from Barnstaple and Harry Crute a local Torquay decorator took over the running of the the Tor Vale pottery when it failed. They paid good wages so employed first class workers and this is apparent in the quality of the pottery produced, especially items with the kingfishes, peacocks, butterflies and floral decorations. Tom Lemon’s influence can be seen in the North Devon style handles on many of their jugs and decorative vases. Tom and Harry split up on good terms when Tom left the business in 1926 going to Weston-super-Mare where he set up his own Wessuma Pottery later in conjunction with his son Cyril Lemon. After Tom left Harry Crute continued working on the same site and renamed it as the Daison Art Pottery.

Reference: The Art of the Torquay and South Devon Potters.  Articles by V. Brisco and C. Lemon

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