Philip Laureston 1986-97

In 1987 Philip Laureston’s business bought Babbacombe Pottery from Toni Raymond Ltd.(owned by his parents) and amalgamating the two businesses under one roof.  business to produced at least 80 different small slip cast plain and comical animals plus a great many buildings featuring pubs and well known tourist attractions. These items were all carefully hand finished by a team of skilled decorators in the pottery. A thrower and all round potter Ron Jackson was employed to produce some traditional craft pottery. With an increase of staff they opened up the pottery to visiting tourists where the public could also make or throw pots and try their hand at decorating.

It is worth knowing that prior to taking over the Babbacombe Pottery Philip Laureston Smith and artist Christine Anna Cruse (Philip’s wife) responsible for some of the hand painted work especially the Laurianna Studio range (1963/73). As this was made elsewhere in the Torquay area, so Laurianna is not Babbacombe pottery. These designs featured wild animals based on the Lascoux cave paintings or medieval buildings in France. A variety of marks of the Laurianna name were used LauriAnna, or Laurianna Studio etc.