Art Nouveau decoration.


Art Nouveau – This is an art period term for free flowing natural forms much in evidence at the Paris Exhibition of 1900. 

However the movement in this style started around 1890 and lasted for about 20 years and included the designs from the group of Glasgow artists like Charles Rennie Mackintosh, prior to the following Art Deco art period. Several of the Torquay potteries existing designs like the Scroll, Scandy and some other patterns were easily adapted to this style of decoration so may not be included in what is shown below in the gallery.

Exeter Art Art Nouveau and Hart & Moist Scandy pattern  

A Exeter Art Pottery tyg jug 1895 with Art Nouveau design decoration beside a later Hart & Moist Exeter tyg c1902 decorated with a standard Scandy pattern adjusted to fit shape of the jug.

Aller Vale Scroll and Art Nouveau pottery  

A standard Aller Vale B4 Scroll pattern vase and an Aller Vale Art Nouveau design jug.

With thanks to the TPCS Facebook Group for supplying photographs.