Devonway Pottery was established in Church Street, Kingsbridge, late in 1969 by Bill Balkam a designer/modeller who had worked at the Dartmouth pottery earlier with Leo Lewis and Harry Crute.

It was reported in Tableware International March 1971 in an article by Kenneth Shaw on the West Country Gifts Fair’
“Newcomers to the ceramics scene, Devonway Ceramics Ltd Church Street, Kingsbridge, Devon. were showing a most attractive range of clean-lined and well-finished earthenware vases, jugs, trays and pedistols. Latest creation from the company’s designer, Mr W. Balkam was a series of vases and other shapes in soft green glaze called ‘Birch’. They have 30 lines of design and fire in an electric kiln.”

The pottery also made slip cast items like mugs for Dartmouth’s Naval College, honey pots, vases, bowls, jugs and souvenir pottery. Little if any hand or surface decoration was used other than being finished in a range of blue, green, brown and amber glazes, similar in style to those of Dartmouth. The pottery traded up until the early 1980’s.

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