2014 4000 £12.85 1.4% 9.5% 20.9% 68.2%
2013 4200 £11.15 1.1% 7.4% 18.6% 72.9%
2012 4800 £10.37 1.0% 6.5% 17.4% 75.1%
2011 5400 £11.20 1.0% 8.0% 18.3% 72.7%
2010 6400 £10.90 1.2% 7.4% 17.0% 75.0%
2009 5800 £11.10 1.1% 8.3% 18.3% 72.0%
2008 7400 £11.80 1.1% 8.3% 20.5% 70.0%
2007 8400 £13.80 0.7% 11.4% 25.0% 63.0%

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‘Torquay Pottery’ has become the generic term covering the numerous potteries that made Art Pottery and later souvenir/household pottery, from around 1860 until the late 20th century, mainly using local sources of red Devon clay. These potteries were based within about 5 miles of Torquay, in Devon, but also include a few other West Country potteries which copied the Torquay style. They were usually established by craftsmen who had learnt or practised their skills in Torquay.

These ‘Torquay Potteries’ include Aller Vale, Watcombe, Longpark, Dartmouth, Babbacombe and Exeter.  It can be confusing to new collectors that there is also a large pottery actually called Torquay Pottery, later Royal Torquay Pottery. The various potteries are all listed under the Potteries menu on this page.

So the South Devon potteries are the main subject of this website and we hope to inform those curious to know more, possibly having come across a piece of pottery at an antique fair or by inheritance as well as the novice collector. We believe that the more experienced collector will also find something of interest and quite possibly have something to share with us.

It is clear from some descriptions applied to pots for sale that these names may be interchangeable, they are not and only the experienced collector will be able to identify wares from each pottery.  We hope you enjoy these pages and that your collection will be a pleasure for years to come.