Edwin Barrett 1952-67

Eddie Barrett a Staffordshire potter established this pottery in March 1952 with the help of Peter Priddoe as his junior partner. Peter who had previously worked at the Dartmouth pottery found the pottery site in an old stone quarry at Walls Hill, Babbacombe. There they initially produced a few simple designs before establishing named souvenir ware in seagull and cottage motto ware also novelty drinking mugs.

In 1954 after helping to establish the production of traditional Torquay wares at Babbacombe Peter Priddoe left to set up his own art pottery in Paignton with the help of his wife Mary. Later at Babbacombe came pots decorated with swirls or spirals, streaks, dots and hatches and from 1955 many of these designs carried an incised date and shape code. A sample of these can be seen below.

As a partner Peter Priddoe oversaw staff, also he established and facilitated pottery production but did very little decorating himself while there. During this period Eddie Barrett’s younger brother Ray Barrett became more involved with the pottery work while his brother-in-law Charles Goulding was taking care of the business side of things

Of note during this time was some unique work by Deirdre Wood the chief decorator. She was allowed to decorate pottery with intricate and individual slip designs which sold so well that Eddie Barrett insisted she signed her work. Deirdre was also asked to produce about a dozen more simple slip designs over red clay for the other decorators to copy and these were matt glazed. They became known in the pottery as the Aztec designs.

Between 1955 and 1962 Babbacombe Pottery introduced a new range of pottery yearly and these are marked with an incised code on the base of the pot. For example 55/5 was the fifth designed pot of 1955, this was a fine dimpled grog jug often decorated by Deirdre Wood.