Non-English Mottoes

Translation Unknown:- Can you help?

Translation Unknown:- Can you help?


Dhai gleidh an Righ

Werd y ma

Ka Pai

This yarns waur thans lite

Thus pob peth bychan

Y marched ar y droell

Lang may yer lum reek

Bwythyn Cymreig

Ca`yer ain girr ne`er heed yer neebors

Awen dysg Goell awen

Crochan Cymreig Cymru am Byth

Dim melus fel siwgr

Dinna be aye ettlin,

Be juist write at aince

monies a mickle macks a muckle, de ye ken

Mor o can yw Cymru I gyd

Ye may gang faur an fare waur

E pai kia kitea a koe kp nga rururaru o tenei as he hunga noa iho

Goren awen, awen dysg Goren orf, arf dying

Gsna bydd gryf bydd grfywys?

Gwell Dysg na Golud

Fra Eethlaa Contented wi little an’ canty wi mair

Fra Eethla mak thisen at hooam Fra Eethla We aye prood tae hear frae ye Contented

wi little an canty wi mair Ilka blade o’grass keps its ain drap o’ dew Fra Ilkla frae llie

braes ‘omar’

frae llie braes ‘omar’

Translation Known:-

POBEL ABELL A BEAU CASTILLY is Cornish and means ‘People Afar Own Castles’, which means ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’

O geiniog I geiniog, Ar arian yn bunt, is Welsh for ‘Penny to penny makes a pound’ which means…..?

On souvent bisoin d’un plus petite que soi, is French for ‘You always need someone smaller than yourself’, which is very French……

Oni heuir ni fedir, is ???? for ‘If you don`t sow you will not reap’

Si Jeunesse Savait, Si Viellesse Pouvait, is French for ‘Youth is wasted on the young’

Bon Jour ! is French for Good Day!

Er mwyn yr hen amser gynt, is Welsh for ‘For old times sake’

Esmwyth hun potes maip, is ????? for ‘Tranquil sleep Turnip pottage’ or ‘it is better to be content with little than to live on ill-gotten gains’

Gwell angan na chy wilydd, is Welsh for ‘Better sorrow than shame’

Gwell angau na chy wilydd is Welsh for ‘Better death than shame’

His girns waur than’s bite is Scots for ‘His bark is worse than his bite’

Hufen Tew is Welsh for ‘Double cream’

Kys ta shin is Manx for ‘Time enough’

Llaeth Y Fuwch is Welsh for ‘The cows milk’

Temps pommele, fille fardee, Ne sont pas de longue duree, is French for ‘Time dappled

cloudy weather, Painted girl, They are not of long duration’

Ychydig yn aml a wna lawer is Welsh for ‘A little often will make much’ or ‘Many a mickle makes a muckle’

Deuparth rhodd yw ewyllys, is Welsh for ‘A will is a twice given gift