Welcome to the Torquay Pottery Collectors Society  (TPCS) products page.  You will find books and booklets published by the society about the potteries, the pots and the people who created them.  The books have been created over the past several years documenting the information and research carried out by society members and recording their findings. 

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Torquay Pottery Collectors’ Society Books

Torquay Commemoratives and Advertising Wares by Virginia Brisco

ISBN  0 9515089 11            Torquay Pottery Collectors Society, 1991       97 pages   £4.80

Torquay Commemoratives and Advertising Wares cropped

The aim of this book is to provide a comprehensive guide to the commemoratives produced by the Torquay Potteries.  They had a prolific output and produced commemoratives for all the coronations and jubilees between 1887 and 1953, as well as a wide variety of military, political, local and personal commemoratives.  The majority of these commemoratives were made from local clays and decorated with traditional coloured slips and sgraffito inscriptions. The potteries expanded into the growing market of advertising wares in the early twentieth century and this book shows the great diversity of items that were created. With black-and-white photographs, colour photographs and illustrations this book provides a very good introduction to Torquay potteries contribution to commemorative and advertising wares.

Torquay Pottery Faience Wares   :   The Ken Hall Collection

ISBN   0  9515089 89            50 pages            £5.20

A former chairman of the TPCS, Ken Hall’s core interest was for Faience Wares. An expert in the subject, he acquired named pieces from all over the UK.  This catalogue contains all his faience ware collection.  Faience ware was first produced by the Torquay Potteries in 1905. Although faience wares were produced up until the 1930s, the most superb pieces with the most detailed decorations date from the years between 1905 – 1914, that is before the First World War.  The catalogue was produced as a tribute to Ken Hall and his collection. The beautiful colour photographs do just this, while at the same time, providing a comprehensive introduction to faience wares.

Torquay Pottery: A Local Story

80 pages £6.00

This book was originally published as a catalogue for an exhibition of Torquay Pottery at Newton Abbot Museum in 2001, opened by Paul Atterbury.  The exhibition told the story of the Torquay Potteries from the early days in the 1870s through to the 1950s and 1960s. The exhibition brought together a wide range of South Devon pottery to show the variety of styles produced for the ever changing taste of the Victorians and Edwardians and how the artistic movements of the time influenced the patterns and decorations used by these ‘local’ potteries.  With its hundreds of colour photographs and brief synopsis of each era, It is both a great introduction to the Torquay Potteries and a very useful tool in identifying finds.

Torquay Pottery Mark Book

5th edition. 2007 80 pages £5.20

A must have for any TPCS collector, the book is very informative for the many and various Devon and associated potteries. 

Wesuma Ware   The story of T W Lemon & Son, Weston-Super-Mare

ISBN 0 901104 15 9      1997    32 pages    £5.20

Published by North Somerset Museum Service, the text of this booklet is based on a dissertation by Veronica Millen- Walters for the University of the West of England, Bristol. 

Torquay Mottowares

ISBN   0 9515089 0 3       1997       64 pages      £6.00

Originally published in 1989, this is the third print run of 1997. 

Mottowares have a long history in Britain.  This books tells the history of mottowares in the Torquay potteries from the early 1880s.  There are examples of the many designs, ships, cockerels, scandies and cottages.   It is well-illustrated with both black-and-white and colour photographs and adverts and excerpts from the Pottery Gazette. 

The Artisans of the Torquay Potteries

ISBN   095 15089 70      The Torquay Pottery Collectors Society, 2004

95 pages £6.00

Published for an exhibition at The Torquay Museum in 2004.  The book contains biographies and illustrations of the work of William Higginbottom,  Alexander Fisher, senior and junior, 4 members of the Birbeck family, Christopher Dresser, Domenico Marcucci, Charles Henry Collard, William George Howard, Blanche Vulliamy and Harry Edmunds Crute. 

Devonmoor Art Pottery and Its Manufacture  by John Hobbs

ISBN  0 9515089 6 2       Torquay Pottery Collectors Society, 2000              65 pages       £5.20

This is a comprehensive history of the Devonmoor Art Pottery, researched and written by an enthusiastic collector of Devonmoor Art Pottery Tobies.  With many  illustrations, photographs and advertisements to enhance the text, this is a must for any Devonmoor collector.

Dartmouth Pottery    A collectors guide by Virginia Brisco

ISBN    0 9515089 2 X          Torquay Pottery Collectors Society, 1993        88 pages       £4.80

Based on the original research and extensive photographic collection of Reginald Score, Virginia Brisco has written a book that provides a good introduction to Dartmouth Pottery. It contains a brief history of the pottery, a comprehensive guide to the wares produced from the late 1940s through to its closure in the 1980s and a selection of backstamps with their dates.

Lets Collect Cottagewares by Virginia Brisco

ISBN    0 9520045 0 X      Virginia and Bill Brisco, 1992     90 pages       £4.80

A thorough introduction to Cottagewares and the potteries that created them. From the early faience cottagewares to the later ‘mottowares’, this book looks at them all.

Christopher Dresser and the Torquay Potteries  by  Laurence Rogers

ISSN   0951 6751       20 pages       £2.00

This article was reproduced from the TPCS magazine of January 1994 and produced as this booklet.  Christopher Dresser provided designs for many potteries and his influence can be seen in some of the pots produced by the early Torquay Potteries.   The article looks at the pots created in the Dresser style at the Watcombe Terracotta Company and some of the other early Torquay potteries to identify this connection.

The Art of the Torquay and South Devon Potters edited by Keith Poole

ISBN   09515 3 8    Torquay Pottery Collectors Society, 1996     212 pages       £20.00

Published to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the TPCS, this book is a record of the accumulate knowledge about the South Devon potteries from their beginnings in the 1870s, through their pre-war heyday to their later years. More than 30 members contributed articles and illustrations of interest for this book.  You will find within this book, excellent articles on the potteries, artists, designers, decorators, turners and throwers, as well as some reminiscences of several pottery workers, together with details of many of the old pottery skills, production methods and much more, including pottery marks, patterns and styles.   

The Devonshire Dialect including Dialect Dictionary   by Clement Marten

60 pages   £ 4.00

Have you ever wondered what that motto means?  Well here is your chance to try and work it out.  This book contains over 800 dialect words and phrases with a guide to pronunciation and usage.