Mottoes D,E,F


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Dae as the lassies due
Say no an' tak' it

Daunee be fraid o' it now

Daun'ee try to rin the Wrekin before you kin walk

Daunt ee val till you'm pushed

Dauntee keep talking bout it But duee tak an write

Dawn'ee cackle zo but take and do it

Dawntee be fraid aut now there's plenty more

Dawnt`ee be found out now

Dawnt`ee burden todays strength,
with tomorrows clouds

Dawnt'ee forget dear old Devon

Dawnt`ee laive a stone in the road,
Vur zumbody else to val over`n

Dawnt'ee lit yer eyes be
The master of your body

Dawnt`ee light yer cannel at both ends

Dawnt'ee trouble trouble
Till trouble troubles you

Dawnt`ee try to rin bevore yu kin walk

Dawnt`ee urry, dawnt`ee vlurry,
Nothing gude is got by worry

Dawnt'ee use me tu fry yer am
Nor veesh nor no sich jakes
But vill me up wi Butter or Jam
Vur tu spraid upon yer kakes

Dawnt'ee vall bevore yum pushed

Deal sma` an serve a`

Defer not till tomorrow to be wise
Tomorrow's sun to thee may never rise

Demsher craim - Tak en try et

Deuparth rhodd yw ewyllys,
(A will is a twice given gift)

Devonshire Harvest Fare____
Fore-bit and Breakfast--
--Rear-bit and Dinner. 
Nummet and crummet--
--And a bit arter supper

Dim melus fel siwgr

Dip Deep

Dip up the ring & thou'lt be wed
Dip up the coin and thou'lt be rich instead

Dinna be aye ettlin,
Be juist write at aince

Dinna coont yer (eggs) afore they hatch

Dinna go away
Stay another day

Dinna lie in your bed an
Lippen tae yer neebor

Dinna litch yer canal at baith ainds

Dinna scrimp the craim

Dinna skimp the jam

Dinna tak two bites o' a cherry

Do as the maidens do, say no and take it

Do ee ave zum

Do noble things, Not dream them all day long

Do not burden todays strength with tomorrows loads

Do not cross the bridge until yer cum tu it

Do not despise your condition in life
For therein you must suffer & conquer

Do not go As(h)tray

Do not hurry, Do not flurry,
Nothing good is got by worry

Do not make ropes of sand

Do not put me on the fire
And leave me in the lurch
Use me for butter or jam
And a present from Christchurch

Do not save a feather and loose a goose

Do not stand immediately behind the player

Do not stain todays blue sky with tomorrows clouds

Do noble deeds not dream them all day long

Do not delay but write while I stay

Do not yield to misfortune

Do take and write

Do the work that`s nearest,
Though it`s dull at whiles,
Helping, when you meet them,
Lame dogs over stiles

Do what you can, being what you are,
Shiine like a glow-worm if you can`t be a star

Don`t be a crank,
Be a self starter

Don't be afraid elp yerzel

Don`t cry over spilt milk,
There`s water in it already

Don`t drop it on the carpet

Don't 'ee be down hearted like

Don't 'ee scat the cloam m 'dear'

Don't forget the dear ones far far away

Don't get discouraged
It is often the last key in the bunch
That opens the lock

Don`t give your husband too much rope,
He might skip

Don`t grouse, work like Helen B. Merry

Don't let your modesty wrong you

Don't light your candle at both ends

Don`t look at your hill, climb it

Don't look for flaws as you go thru life
And even if you find them
It is wise & kind to be somewhat blind
And look for the virtues behind them

Don't put a good cargo
In a poor ship

Don`t shiver for last years snow

Don`t spill the tea

Don't wear your wishbone
Where your backbone should be

Don`t worry and get wrinkles,
Smile and get dimples

Don`t worry it may never happen

Doun't waste thar Tay

Driaz 'Ell ( ie I need a drink!)

Drink fra this jug and enjoy it nah dear
When a good Yorkshire relish you'll feel

Drink like a fish - water only

Drink little that you may drink long

Drink pretty creature drink

Drink puppy, drink

Drink ye old 'Heatherdale' Malt Whisky
Ye finest made in Scotland

Drive dull care up with the smoke

Drown your sorrows in a cup of tea

Due come in an' ave zum tay help yourself to sugar

Duee ave a cup a Tay

Du'ee Ave A 'drap "O" Zyder

Du'ee 'ave zum jam

Du ee have a dish of coffee

Du'ee elp yersel tu more

Du'ee mak yerzel at 'ome

Du'ee take and write

Du'ee think tis yer dooty?
Then du et

Du zummat, du gude ef yu kan, but du zummat
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E cant make a silk purse from a sow's ear

E cant ave yer cake an' eat it tu

E pai kia kitea a koe kp nga rururaru o tenei as he hunga noa iho

Early sow Early mow

Early to bed, early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Earth I am, et es most tru,
Despise me not, for so be you

East West Home's Best

elh yerzel tu craon Du'ee drink a cup a tay
Tak a cup o'kindness Tak a cup o'kindness

Elp yerzel but be aisy

Elp yerzel tu butter

Elp yerzel tu pepper

Elp yerzel tu salt

Elp yerzel to sugar

Elp yourself to more

Empty vessels make the most sound

Enough is as good as a feast

Envy is a kind of praise

Er mwyn yr hen amser gynt
(For old times sake)

Ere he was wed
His heart was light
And he would sing from morn to night
But since his blessed babe was born
He's got to sing from night to morn

Errors like straw upon the surface flow,
He who would seek foe pearls must dive below

Esmwyth hun potes maip
(Tranquil sleep Turnip pottage or it is better to be
content with little than to live on ill-gotten gains)

Every blade of grass has it`s own drop of dew

Every creature was deemed to suit each others mutual needs

Every day above ground is a good day

Every door has its own keyhole

Every pea helps to fill a peck

Every why has a wherefore

Everything has a bright side

Except the kettle boiling B
Filling the Tpot spoils the T
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Fair be all the hopes and prosperous be thy life in peace of war

Fair is he that comes
But fairer he that brings

Fairest gems lie deepest Speak little speak well Aisy on the jam

Faithful friends are hard to find

Fellow feeling makes us wonderous kind,
But I wonder if the poet would change his mind,
If in a crowd one day he were to find,
A fellow feeling in his coat behind

Few words are best

Fill the bumper fair
Every drop we sprinkle
O'er the brew of care
Smoothes away a wrinkle

First deserve then desire

For a` that a` that,
It`s coming yet, for a` that,
Than man to man the world o`er,
Shall brothers be for a` that

For Auld Lang Syne

For every evil under the sun,
There is a remedy, or there is none,
If there be one, try and find it,
If there be none, never mind it

For heather bells and wild bee rovers,
A` natures creatures hae their loves

For my dolly

Fortune docks at every door

Fra Eethlaa Contented wi little an' canty wi mair

Fra Eethla mak thisen at hooam

Fra Eethla We aye prood tae hear frae ye Contented wi little an canty
wi mair Ilka blade o'grass keps its ain drap o' dew

Fra Ilkla

frae llie braes 'omar'

Frae that friends and land I'love Due eave a cup a tay

Frain would I climb But that I fear to fall
If thou dost fear to fall Twere better not to climb at all

Fresh fra t' cah

Fresh from the cow

Fresh from the Dairy

Fresh from the farm

Fresh from the nest

Fresh today

Fretting ammends no broken dishes,
Brings us none of all our wishes

friend pixie

From a friend to a friend

From Mother Earth I claim my birth,
I`m made a joke for man,
But now i`m here filled with good cheer,
Come taste me if you can

From rocks and sands and barren lands,
Good fortune set me free,
And from great guns and womens tongues,
Good Lord deliver me

From Waterford, Arragh, be aisy wid ye

Full many a shaft at ramdom sent,
Find mark the archer never meant,
A many a word at random spoken,
Can wound or heal a heart that`s broken

For oh tis the men of Devon,
To see them I take delight,
To haul and to pull, to heave and to pull,
And to prove themselves in fight

Freely drink and quench thy thirst,
Here drank the Pilgrim Fathers first