Mottoes G,H,I


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Gather ye roses while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying

Gather ye rosebuds while you may
The world is what you make it

Get ho(l)d of all tha can
An stick ti that tha's got

Gi a little, tak a little,
When there`s nocht - tak a`

Giff gaff maks guid friens

Give and spend and god will send

Give every man thy ear but few thy voice

Give me a mind that is not bored,
That does whimper, whine or sigh,
Don`t let me worry over much,
About that little thing called I,
Give me a sense of humor Lord,
Give me the grace to see a joke,
To get some happiness from life,
And pass it on to other folk

Give yur tongue more `olidays than yur `ead

Go aisy wi' it now

Go East. Go West
Homes Best

God bless you Tommy Atkins,
Here`s your country`s love to you,
South Africa 1899 1900

God hath often a great share in a little home

Gods ways seem dark ! But soon or late,
They touch the shinning hills of day

Gold and goods
May be lost,
A good name,
Endures for ever

Good courage breaks ill luck

Good examples are best sermons
Good fortune lead you Ever pleasant ways
Good liquors make us funny: If you are dry, step in and try the flavour of our Honey 

Good luck go with you day by day 

Good morning 

Good morning Dad 

Good morning Princetown help yourself to sugar 

Good night and joy be with you 

Good wishes speed you on your way 

Goodnight and God bless you 

Goren awen, awen dysg Goren orf, arf dying 

Great haste makes great waste 

Gsna bydd gryf bydd grfywys? 

Guard well thy thoughts 
Our thoughts are heard in heaven 

Gude things be scarce, Take care of me 

Guid folks are scarse Tak care o'me 

Guid will neer want true tae show itself 

Gwell angan na chy wilydd, (Better sorrow than shame) 

Gwell angau na chy wilydd (Better death than shame) 

Gwell Dysg na Golud 
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Half the world`s mischief, folly and woe,
Comes from a "Yes" that ought to be "No"

Hand roon th' milk

Handy Spandy

Hang hunger and droon drouth

Happiness is the natural flower of duty

Happy be thy dreams

Has anybody seen my Cat?

Hasty climbers have sudden falls

Have some butter m'dear

Have another cup full

Haste trips up it`s own heels

Have a cup of coffee m'dear

Have more than thou showest 
Speak less than thou knowest 
Spend less than thou owest

Have the courage, boys, to do the right,
Be bold,be brave, be strong,
By doing right you gain the might,
To overcome the wrong

Have not your cloak to make,
When it begins to rain
He may do what he will,
That will do what he can

He does much who does a little well

He may do what he will That will do what he can

He is handsome that handsome doth

He is well paid that is well satisfied

He Jests at scars
Who never felt a wound

He that buys land buys many stones
He that buys flesh buys many bones,
He that buys eggs buys many shells
He that buys ale buy nothing else

He that by the plough would thrive,
Himself must either holde or dive

He that flings dirt at another
Soils himself the most

He may lie boldly
Who comes from afar

He never fails who does his best
He who gives fair words
Feeds you with an empty spoon

He she
It (the moon)
He and she
One soon (from the Mikado)

He soars not high
Who fears to fall

He that hath thriven May lie till seven

He that must thrive,
Must rise at five

He that riseth late must trot all day

He who does not smoke
Hath either known no great grief or
Refuseth the softest consolation
Next to that which comes from Heaven

He who gave thee this ring of gold
Tis he who shall cherish when thee art old

He who gives his heart
Will not deny his money

He who gave thee this ring of gold,
Tis he who shall cherish when thou art old

He who hesitates is lost

He who waits wins

Health is Happiness

Hear all, see all, say nothing

Heaven send thee many merry days

Help yersel an dinna be blate,
Parritch makes the man

Help yersel tae Cream

Help yersel tae sugar

Help yourself, nobody`s looking

Help yourself to cream

Help yourself to jam

Help yourself to milk

Help yourself to marmalade

Help yourself to salt

Help yourself to the Junket

Help yourself, Don`t be shy

Here Gentlemen come try your skill
I'll hold a wager if you will
That you don't drink this liquor all
Without you spill or let some fall

Here's a health to all those I love
Here's a health to all those that love me
Here's a health to all those that love those that I love
And to those that love those that love me

Here's a mug from a mug for a mug

Here`s tae mysel, as bad`s ye are,
Here`s tae ye a` for as gude`s ye are,
For as bad`s I am, an as gude`s ye are,
I`m as gude ye are, for as bad`s I am

Here`s to beefsteak when you`re hungry
Beer when you`re dry,
Fivers when you`re hard up,
Heaven when you die

Heres to Cornish splits
Jam & Cream

Here's to me, and my wife's husband
Not forgetting myself

He's richest that do want the least (Barnes)

Hickory Dickory Dock

His girns waur than's bite

Hold me tight and don`t be clumsy,
Or you`ll break this mug from Romsey

Home made preserves

Home the spot on earth supremely blest

Honour and shame from no conditions rise,
Act well your part, there all the honour lies

Hope for the best, look for the best,
The worst will never appear,
Pray for the best then leave the rest,
God always answers a prayer

Hope on hope ever

Hope well and have well

Hot and strong

How to drink and not to spill will try the utmost of your skill

Hufen Tew
Double cream
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I always have a drink at eleven,
It`s a duty that has to be done,
If I can`t have one at eleven,
I have eleven at one

I cum from Tarkay
Where do yu cum from?

I have several good reasons for drinking
And one has just entered my head
If a man cannot drink while he's living
How the hell can he drink when he's dead

I improve everything

I kum vrum Exmuth
Where do you kum vrum

I like zyder Zyder likes me I'll drink Zyder as long as I can

I luve zyder
Zyder likes me
I'll drink zyder
As long as I can zee

I slept and dreamt that life was beauty
I woke and found that life was duty

I was not made for you to fry bacon fish or ham
Use me for whichever you please Butter cheese or jam

I watched the potter thumping his wet clay,
And with its all obliterated tongue it murmured,
Gently brother, Gently pray

I will not willingly offend
Nor be soon affended
What's amiss I'll strive to mend
And bear what can't be mended

I wish you all the joy that you may wish
Good wishes speed you on your way
Good luck go with you day by day

If at first you don't succeed try again

If each man in his measure,
Would do a brothers part,
To cast a ray of sunlight,
Into a brother`s heart,
How changed would be our country,
How changed would be our poor,
And then might Merry England,
Deserve her name once more

If good cheer be lacking
Our friends will be packing

If I were you my friend
I'd bring my drinking to an end

If in a crowd one day he were to find
A fellow feeling in his coat behind
A fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind
But I wonder if the Poet would change his mind

If it be so
So it is you know
And if it be so
So be it

If life an empty bubble be,
How sad for those who cannot see,
A rainbow in the bubble

If water rots your boots,
What the hell does it do to your stomach

If we cannot have what we want
We must learn to like what we have

If you can`t be aisy, be as aisy as you can

If you can`t climb - fly

If you can`t lift the stone,
Pehaps ypu can roll it

If you wish smiles and nothing more
Don't drop ashes on the floor

If you your object fain would reach,
You must believe in what you teach,
And always practise what you preach

If you`re down in the mouth, think of Jonah,
He came up alright

If you're in a hurry
Take your time

If you`re not a beauty,
Be happy that you`re plain,
Be a wheel greaser,
If you can`t drive a train

If you`re lips would keep from slips,
Five things observe with care,
Of whom you speak,
To whom you speak,
And how and when and where

If you`ve got the pip, don`t squeak

If you've got to do something
For nothing do it yourself

If yu want a cup a Tay "yer tiz"

If yu want zum butter 'yer tiz'

Ilka blade o' grass keps its ain drap a' dew

Ilka dog has his day

Ill blows the wind that profits nobody

I`ll be merry and free be sae for naebody

I'll help console you

I`ll take care of the Ashes ( Good Morning )
I`ll take care of the Pins ( Good Morning )
I'll take the dregs

I'll hold a wager that you don't drink liquar all
Without you don't spill or let some fall

I'm not greedy but I like a lot

I'm the latest thing out, Where's Mother?

I'm useful so use me

Improve time in time while time lasts,
For all time is no time when time is past

Improvement is gained by practice

Influence is jolly useful until you`ve used it

In sweet music is such art,
Killing care and grief of heart

In the name of God the Compassionate, the merciful
May I seek a refuge with the Lord of man
From the malice of the lurking whisperer
From the genii and mankind

In trouble to be troubled
Is to have your trouble doubled

Is tha Tay tu yer liken "Ees fay"

Isn`t your life extremely flat,
With nothing whatever to grumble at

It takes two to quarrel and three to make it interesting

It`s a comely fashion to be glad,
Joy is the grace we say to God

Its a good girl
That never grumbles

Its a good horse that never stumbles
And a good man that never grumbles

Its an ill wind that nobody any good

Its better to wear out than rise to fall

It`s better to wear out than rust out

Its never tool late to mend

Its no lost what a freen gets

It's the cock that does the Crowing
But it's the Hen that delivers the goods

Its turned out nice again, George