Please contact us on email: if you have a pot that you cannot identify or about which you are looking for more information. We have many experts within the TPCS who are only too happy to help.

Om the other hand, you may be able to help us, with the queries set out below. 

These three pot in two shades of green have long been thought to have been made by Hart & Moist at Exeter but these and similar ones have all been unmarked. We would be pleased to know if any are found with a base mark.

Only five unmarked pots like these three above are known and all were found in the West Country. It has been suggested that they were made by the short lived Plymouth Gas Fired Pottery. Any help or suggestions as to where they were made or by whom would be much appreciated.

Mark is very keen to find an example of this elephant money-box from Dartmouth to replace one lost by a friend. If you can help please email the website

Thanks. Dartmouth pottery, scarce elephant money-bank Mark would like to buy one of these to replace a lost one.

WANTED Examples of Royal Watcombe PORTLAND BILL LIGHTHOUSE WARE for Martin to update a 2006 article on this ware. Pots or photos are both welcome. Thanks

Clay Tobacco Pipes made at the Watcombe Pottery. We would like to know if any other collectors have examples and especially any specific information on their manufacture, such as dates.

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