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Tain't what we do
But how we do it
That makes this life
Worth goin' through it

Tak a cup o' tea its unco' refreshin

Tak yer wull o`t

Take another cup full

Take a cup of tea

Take a cup of tea it's very refreshing

Tak an ave a drink out o' me

Tak zum craim

Take a cup it's good

Take a little butter

Take a little cream

Take a little drink

Take a little jam

Take a little junket

Take a little milk

Take a little mustard

Take a little pepper

Take a little sugar

Take a little toast

Take a wee drappie

Take fortune as you find her
And if she frowns don't you?
For a smile will oft recall her
And make her kind & true

Take thy calling thankfully,
Love thy neighbour neighbourly,
Shun the path to beggary

Take um as they cum

Talk little hear much learn more

Tea seldom spoils when water boils

Teddy Bears Picnic

Tell no tales out of school

Temps pommele, fille fardee,
Ne sont pas de longue duree,
Time dappled cloudy weather,
Painted girl, They are not of long duration

Thank goodness for a full plate

The beaten path is the safe path

The best physic is fresh air,
The best pills is plain fare

The course of true love
Never did run smooth

The cup that cheers but not inebriates

The day is now here
Tomorrow is nowhere

The de`ils aye kin` tae his ain

The dear little sweet little
Shamrock of Ireland

The early bird catches the worm

The evil that men do lives after them

The Fayrest mayd that did bear life
For love of man became a wife

The flowers that follow the sun
Does so even on cloudy days

The friends thou hast, and their adoption tired,
Grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel

The greatest troubles of this life
Are those that never happen

The green little shamrock from Armagh

The hen that sits on a China egg
Is better off

The island in summer is slack as can be,
Sometimes it`s worse than the far contree,
But once in the season - the strain on poor Ted,
Is terrific! It`s hell! He can`t go to bed

The journey`s long from A to Z,
And puzzles many a curly head,
But leads to books Red, Green or Blue,
Which brings the fairy land in view

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
Than anywhere else In Heaven

The lucky have their days and those they choose,
The unlucky have their hours and those they loose

The last in bed puts out the light

The less wit a man has
The less he kens the want o't

The lower the tide
The nearer the Town

The man who "knows it all" is
Standing on a Banana Peel
Placed there by Fool-killer?
Who is waiting just round the corner

The man that cant
make a mistake
Cant make anything

The Midnight Warbler

The mill will never gring with the water that is past

The more I see of some men the more I like my dog

The night is long that never finds a day

"The Old Grandfather`s Clock,
Here my master bids me stand,
To mark the hours with faithful hand,
To do his will is my delight,
To serve him well by day and night,
Master be wise and learn of me,
To serve thy God as I serve thee

The pen is mightier than the sword

The proof o' the puddins in the preein o't

The red kine bathing in the stream,
Just below the clammer,
The music of the bird and bee,
The scythe and blacksmith`s hammer,
Dear old Devon

The Ross Riddle
Why did the Horseshoe Bend?
Because he saw John Kyrle

The sweet little Shamrock

The taste of the kitchen
Is better than the smell

The tempest that disturbs the water,
Reveals the rock

The top of the knee is a lofty position
And ought to be viewed at a point of ambition
And whatever the calling of man may be
He should try at attaining the top of the knee

The value of tobacco is best understood,
When it is the last you puff,
And there is no chance of getting more

The weakest go to the wall

The world goeth round
All passeth away
So fret not thy self
For the ills of the day

The world is full of rubs (Shakespeare)

The world is full of willing people
some willing to work, and the rest willing to let them

The world has battle - room for all,
Go fight and conquer if you can,
But if you rise, or if you fall,
Be each, pray God, a gentleman

The world is full of willing people
Some willing to work & the rest willing to tell them
The truth thats told with ill intent
Beats half the lies you can invent

The world laughs with flowers

The world looks brighter
From behind a smile

The worth of a thing
Is best known by the want of it

Them that winna work maun want

There be more in the larder

There`s a divinity that shapes our ends,
Rough - hew Them how we will

There`s a saying old and musty,
Yet it is ever true,
Never trouble trouble,
Till trouble troubles you

There would be no shadow,
If the sun were not shining

There's a dear little plant
That grows in our isle
Fresh & fair as the
Daughters of Erin

There`s a time for all things

There`s as guid fish in the sea,
As ever cam oot o`it

There`s gladness in rememberance

There's life alone in duty done
And rest alone in striving

There`s mair in the kitchen,
Parritch maks the man

There`s no fun like work

There's no rose without a thorn
There is no wealth but life

There`s no time like now

There`s no wealth but life

There's worse things than porridge

They also serve who only stand and wait

They can who think they can,
Adventures are to the adventurous

They say that drink leads to the Devil,
But a thought has just entered my head,
If a man can`t drink when he`s living,
How in hell can he drink when he`s dead

They speak o' my drinking
But they dinna consider my drouth

They that drink longest
Live longest

They that hide know where to seek

Things come about very strangely

Think of ease but work on

Think of me of't in the hour of leisure
Think of me of't in the hour of pleasure
If 'ere forgot in the hour of care
Forget me not in the hour of prayer

Think not of tomorrow`s child of the king,
Leave them in His hand, do the next best thing

Think what is good,
Drink what is pure,
Speak what is true

This is a world to live in,
To buy, spend, or give in,
But to beg, borrow, or get a man`s own,
Such a world was never known

This is the cock that crows in the moon

This jug was made at Longpark,
In Torquay by the sea,
May health and happiness be theirs,
Whoever drinks from thee

This small jug in friendship take and keep it for the givers sake

This yarns waur thans lite

This yer jug was made in Tarkay
But yu cant drink out aun

This yer tay is gude

Those who bring sunshine
To the lives of others
Cannot keep it from themselves

Though the mills of God grind slowly
Yet they gring exceeding small
Though with patience He stands awaiting
With exactness He grinds all

Three microbes went sailing out
The stream o'er the meadows that flows
The microbes must work
And women will scream
At the tho't of those terrible foes

Thrift and Wealth are near neighbours

Throw overboard useless regretting
For deeds that you cannot undo
And learn the great art of forgetting
Old things that embitter the new

Thur now, du`ee you`en?
Daunt like craim,
Way, yu niver had noan

Thus pob peth bychan

Time and tide for no man bide

Time and tide wait for no man

Time repairs all things

Time ripens all things

Tis a good oss' that don't stumble

Tis deeds alone must win the prize

Tis said that "manners maketh man"
Then he who well would live his part
Must early labour all he can
In diligence to keep his heart

Tis very refreshin

To a friends house
The road is never long

To all friends be one

Tobacco - Help yourself

Tobacco hie, Tobacco hie, if you are well
Twill may you sick
Tobacco hie, Tobacco hie, Twill make you well
If you are sick

Tobacco you are welcome

To be or not to be, that is the question (Shakespeare)

To be polite is to do & say
The kindest things in the kindest way

To Day is the Tomorrow
You worried about Yesterday
Yet all is well
Tomorrow is but another Today
With it's measure of joy and of sorrow

To drink and not to spill Will try the utmost of your skill

To have a friend is to be one

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Too much sit down break trousers

To night my light you borrow The sun will shine tomorrow

Toom stalls mak'
Biting horses

To say well is good
To do well is better

To teach his grandson draughts,
His leisure he`d employ,
Untill at last the old man,
Was beaten by the boy

To thine own self be true

To win a smile from fortune
Wink at trouble

Truth like cork never sinks

Turn things over till you come to the bright side

Twas one of the ways of good Queen Bess
Who ruled as never Monarch did Sirs
When she was slogged & the country in a mess
She sent for a Devon man Sirs

Two men look through the same bars,
One sees the mud, the other the stars
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Uneasy lies the head that tells a good many of them

Up to the lips and over the gums,
Look out tummy here it comes

Us be always glad to yer from `ee

Us be always plaised to zee e
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Vaint 'eart nives won vair lady

Vessels large may venture more,
Little boats must keep the shore

Victory to our arms

Vrum Devon

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Wa'al us be main glad to zee'e

Walk life`s dark path, they seem to say,
With love`s divine fore-knowing,
That’s where man sees but withered flowers,
God sees the sweet flowers growing

Waste not want not

Water is good outside and in,
To quench the thirst and cleanse the skin

We eat to live
Not live to eat

We aye prood tae hear frae ye

We'el take a cup of kindness yet

We'el take a cup of kindness For Auld Lang Syne

We may wake with the song of the song birds
Or snore with the note of the owl
But this mug of tay or ale some would say
Will soothe at the dawn or the end of the day

We must be kind but not in words alone

We must take the current as it serves,
Or loose our venture

We shall never get giddy by doing good turns

Welcome is the best cheer

We`re not the only pebbles on the beach

We thank thee Lord vur this gude bankit,
Which us a had tugether,
An` give us grace tu work apace,
That us may aim another

We therefore have great cause of thankfulness
 1937 VR 1897

What is the difference between:-
1st A Rich Scotsman,
2nd A Poor Scotsman,
3rd A Dead Scotsman,
 ( On reverse )
1st Has a canopy over his head,
2nd Has a canopy under his bed,
3rd Canna P at all

What man has done, Man can do

Whatever you are, be that,
Whatever you say, be true,
Straightforwardly act,
Be honest in fact,
Be nobody else but you

When all goes right and nothing wrong
Oh don't the day seem limp and long

When down in the mouth
Think of Jonah
He came out alright

When friends meet hearts warm

When in the pink, Write with this ink

When the great scorer comes,
To write against your name,
He writes not if you won or lost,
But how you played the game

When the old dog barks
He gives counsel

When this you see remember me
And keep me in your mind
Let all the world say what they will
Speak of me as you find

When trouble comes as come it will
Don't make a welcome guest of it
But kick the varmint down the hill
And try and make the best of it

When work is done, the pipe don`t shun

When you sit by the fire to keep yourselves warm
Take heed lest lest your tongue do your neighbours harm

When you want to kill time Work it to death

When your head feels queer,
And your breath smells strong,
And you laugh like hell at any old song,
You`re drunk old man, you`re drunk

When you're up to the neck in hot water, think of the Kettle and sing

When you`ve finished pouring tea,
Place the teapot down on me

When youve got the Pip
Dont Squeak

When God guide his sails and course,
The winds were at command,
And Totnes was the happy shore,
When first he came on land

When the day breaks, make the most of the pieces

When you use this shaving pot Be sure and have the water hot

Wher'er they pass A triple grass
Shoots up with dewdrops streaming

Where are you going my pretty maid
To lecture at Yale Sir she said
On what do you lecture pray said he
On the extinction of mankind Sir said she

Where friends
There riches

Whichever way the wind doth blow
Someone is glad to have it so

Who burnt the table cloth

Wilful waste makes woeful want

Will 'ee ‘elp yerzel m’dear

"Wind and dust"
The devil sends the naughty winds,
To blow the girl`s skirts high,
But God is just to send the dust,
To blind the bad man`s eye

Wishee well an wishee honest

Wishes never filled the bag

Within this jug there is good liquor,
Fit for parson or for vicar,
But how to drink and not to spill,
Will try the utmost of your skill

Without economy none can be rich

Whichever way the wind doth blow,
Someone is glad to have it so

Who burnt the table cloth

Wishes never filled the bag

Wishes well and wishes honest

Wishing well water - Labrador Bay

Wishing well water - Upwey Wishing Well
Woman may not love him
Men may not adore him
But he that wheels the barrow
Carries all before him
Won vair lady

Words are easy like the wind

Work on. Hope on.
Self help is noble schooling
You do your best and leave the rest
To God Almighty's ruling

Work while you play,
Play while you play,
That is the way to be cheerful and gay

Worry is like a rocking horse
Keeps on going & gets nowhere

Would you live an angel`s days,
Be honest, just, and wise always

Write injuries in dust
Kindness in marble
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Y marched ar y droell

Ychydig yn aml a wna lawer
(A little often will make much or Many a mickle makes a muckle)

Years teach more than books

Ye canna baith sup and blaw

Ye may gang faur an fare waur

Yer's some salt for 'ee

Yer's zum Jam vur'ee

Yesterday is dead
Forget it
Tomorrow does not exist
Don't worry
Today is here- Use it

You may get better cheer,
But none with better heart

You'll never miss the water 
Till the well runs dry

You wont drink this liquor all,
Without you spill or let some fall

Your very welcome

YY UR the 1 for me
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"Zay wells" gude
But du wells a zight better

Zo you Jolly dogs erees God speed the plough
Long Life an content to th' Varmer