Harry Fletcher Jackson as a young man Harry came to London from Derbyshire to work in the china department of Allders flagship store in Croydon, South London. In the 1911 census Harry lists his occupation as ‘Pottery Agent’.

Harry Fletcher Jackson started his own pottery business in Devon. This was the Barton or Mayfield Pottery being established in 1922 by five men trading as H.F.Jackson & Co. The five men were Harry Jackson, Ellis Sidney Forster, John Bradford, Alfred Macey and Alexander Hudson. Ellis Forster had originally come from Staffordshire as a mould maker having previously worked at F.H. Honiton and the Watcombe potteries.

The pottery was at the corner of Barton Road and Audley Avenue close to Hele Cross, Torquay, Devon. The buildings were fronted by a showroom facing out onto Barton Road and in an adjacent house lived Ellis Forster who it is believed acted as Manager while Harry Fletcher Jackson remained in Croydon, travelling down to the pottery from time to time presumably to advise on design requirements and marketing. The business produced pottery for the high end of the market which sold well until the advent of the First World War which caused the bottom to fall out of the luxury goods market.
By 1926 original partnership seems to have broken up as the business ceased trading as HF Jackson, being reformed as the Barton Pottery a limited company with Ellis Forster being referred to as the Managing Director.

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