Pottery decorated with cockerels (or ‘roosters’ as the North Americans call them) was produced by most of the Torquay potteries.

The cockerels are in black or multi-colours and usually face to the left, although rarely they may be found facing right, which makes these ones more desirable. By studying the shape, colour and posture it can become relatively easy to identify them on unmarked pottery, especially if one takes note of the technique of decoration used for the grass around the birds feet. The grass may be plain sgraffito or brush lines, a sponged dappled green background or a combination of these. Often these pots have place names with added mottoes associated with breakfast time, like “Fresh from the Dairy” or simply “Good Morning” or even “Bon Jour”.

The  most difficult to find are from the three potteries of Dartmouth, Plymouth Gas Fired and St. Marychurch, although there are some produced by the other potteries in unusual colours that are equally scarce and hard to find.

Many will find the cockerel models and especially those of the Babbacombe Pottery attractive and worth collecting as there are a number of different ones to be found made during the different ownership periods.

With our thanks to the Torquay Pottery Collectors Society – Facebook Group members.