The St Marychurch Pottery of Torquay was set up 1962 by brothers Cyril and Roy Wilson together with some help from their father Reg Wilson a decorator, all were experienced and long serving potters at the Watcombe Pottery prior to it closing. Another brother Laurence Wilson acted as their agent.

Initially while trying to get established they worked from a variety of premises like a small garage in Havelock Road, St Marychurch where they used a number of outworkers for decorating. Then they moved to a larger place at 101 Fore Street, St Marychurch where another Director George Moss joined them. As production of traditional Torquay motto wares increased they enlarged their working space and installing larger kilns as well as taking on more staff like Arthur Cole, George Hall and Frank Raybould.

Most items found today are cottage and seagull decorated wares like teapots, bowls and jugs, although other designs include cockerels, sail boats and waisted floral vases similar to those made by Watcombe. They produced pottery for all regions of the country as well as selling in North America through the Hudson’s Bay Company. After some difficulties the pottery closed in 1969.

Similar looking pottery was also made privately by Cyril Wilson in semi-retirement, possibly at the Wellhouse Pottery in Brixham but only marked with his name or initials. Some of Cyril’s commemorative pottery is shown here and more of his work may be seen in the Not Torquay section.

Pottery marks and backstamps with dates and more information for this pottery as well as over 250 other Torquay, Devon and West Country potteries can be found in the TPCS Marks Book see ‘Products for Sale’.