First a selection of varied pottery items from the major collection of Watcombe Cottageware of Keith Neat, for which we are very grateful. Many more from this huge collection will be available to see on

Cottages decorated by the sgraffito technique with slip colour infill were the mainstay of the tourist souvenir ware produced by the Torquay and South Devon potteries for many years. Some cottage styles are very particular to one pottery, but many are varied as the workers changed jobs or the pottery ownership changed hands. There was also many pottery items decorated in the faience style with pigment paint under glaze but many of these are more varied and personalised. Other cottages were made as models of course and will be covered elsewhere. For more information try and obtain the out of print book Let’s Collect Cottagewares by Virginia Brisco.

The cottages illustrated below after the Watcombe collection have been selected to help identify unmarked pottery.