The Torquay Pottery Collectors Society (TPCS) is very proud of it’s magazine – Scandy. It is produced quarterly to correspond with the four seasons, and is expertly compiled and edited by Andy Violet. The name Scandy is taken from the well known pattern (N1) used by the Torquay Potteries and loosely based on the French fleur-de-lys. The magazine is the envy of many other ceramics groups and apart from being an excellent read, the copies combine to form an excellent reference library, as they provide a wealth of information and history, which is essential to those members who take enjoyment in researching their pots, and recognising all the different pattern codes and shape numbers. Binders are available from TPCS Products to keep your magazines tidy and in chronological order, if you so require.

Our members always look forward to seeing their magazine drop through the letterbox. It is full of vivid photographs of the pots produced by the various potteries in the Totquay and South Devon area. Members are also encouraged to send in their own articles, which may be about rare pots that they have researched, recent pottery finds, their favourite pots or simply stories about their love of pottery.

If you love Torquay Pottery, you will love Scandy!