Pottery Locations

This map shows the locations, sometimes approximate, of the various potteries within and around Torquay in Devon. Please note that the use of Post Codes is solely for the purposes of the map, these potteries never had such codes when they were in production.

Some of the sites are marked by commemorative slate plaques created by the Torquay Pottery Collectors Society.

The potteries are listed in the lower part of the page, simply click to show location.

To change the view of the map use the + button in top left hand corner to zoom in; the – button to zoom out.

In order to get the location indicated a close as possible a business address may be used as this more accurate than just an area post code. This example for Brixham Pottery may help you get the best out of this interactive map facility.

Select Brixham Pottery to see more details:
Brixham Pottery
Bombay Mix
Milton Street
Brixham, Devon TQ5 0BX
A photograph shows the pottery c1990 with a courtyard behind, this is where both Brixham and Wellhouse potteries were located. If looking on Google Earth Street View the present day building can be seen opposite Central Garage.

Bombay Mix is just to help with the location pointer and Milton Street is the correct address. Take note of the description in italics. Select the Directions in line with the Brixham Pottery below. A map will appear with a red marker for Bombay Mix, use the enlarge button to considerably increase map size. Go to bottom left corner to click on the Google Earth square. Drag from the right hand corner the little orange Street View man to place on Milton Street close to Bombay Mix pointer. Turn the street view image around to find Central Garage, next move the view to and fro to find the low cottage buildings with courtyard behind. Both the Brixham and Wellhouse Pottery were located in these buildings.

Follow the example above for the other potteries.




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