Pottery showing sports are relatively scarce with the exception of the Dartmouth Pottery series of sporting tankards. The few other types that are to be found will mainly be commemoratives of local sporting events that took place during the middle part of the 100 years of the South Devon potteries existence.

The Dartmouth sports tankard series covered rugby, football, cricket, bowls, darts, steeplechasing and baseball. They were initially produced by slip moulded red clay with the raised design area highlighted with a white slip coating. This was followed using white clay dyed blue with white highlighted designs. Later still a few were made in white clay covered with an amber, green or blue glaze by the Dartmouth sister company of Britannia Designs. So far there is no record of any brown clay cricketer tankards being seen.

The handles of the Golf tankard in the shape of a golf bag, The Rugby and Football handles like corner posts and the saddle and stirrup of the Steeple chase tankards make them more interesting items and still very fit for purpose.

The various commemorative pots recorded below are for Darts in Ashton, Devon, Golf Monifieth, Angus in Scotland, Cricket a celebration of W.G. Grace, Rowing in Dartmouth Devon, New Zealand  Football team visit to Newton Abbot, Devon and HMS Hawke Rugby team at Britannia Naval College Dartmouth.