This page is for Odds & Ends of pottery-related trivia that occur to us from time to time, please contribute if you come across any yourself.

Analysis of Pots sold on eBay showed that of 800 sales, 65 were Scandy-decorated. These were 21 Aller Vale, 17 Watcombe, 13 Longpark, 8 H&M Exeter, 6 Torquay pottery. This arose following a discussion about the use of the Scandy amongst the potteries.

The decoration on this wooden tea-tray was inspired by a piece of Watcombe Cottageware. It is owned by Alan Magson, to whom many thanks for picture of such an unusual item, but was a missed opportunity for the pottery at the time.

Tea-Tray decorated by an amateur in the Cottageware style


Two pieces of Aller Vale were bought, and sold, for £25 on Bargain Hunt, (shown on Monday 14th Jan 2013). The 3-handled Tyg had a hairline to one of the handles, however it is nice to see the pottery getting some publicity on TV.

Aller Vale items on Bargain Hunt Aller Vale Tyg on Bargain Hunt



Teasets are often associated with the 1476 shape number, the most commonly found Teapot, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl shape. However reference to the Aller Vale shape numbers page shows that shape numbers 990, 1005, 1009, 1208 and 1376 are also used for Teasets, so start collecting!

This Watcombe Pottery Jug was sent in by Ian with the information that it was bought by his parents in 1943 in Torquay, whilst on honeymoon. Pots of this style of matt glaze, usually with earthy green/brown/yellow colours appear from time to time, I have seen a 12″ jug. It occurred to me that given that it was war-time production, this style could be named ‘Camouflage Ware’.

Watcombe Pottery 'Camouflage Ware' Watcombe Pottery 'Camouflage Ware'

Here are three unmarked pots that are considered to be Dorset Art Pottery. Does anyone have any similar ones with a mark?

Dorset Art Pottery-query-for-mark Dorset Art Pottery unmarked pots. We seek a marked example

The next time that you see an episode of ‘Allo Allo’ look out for items of Torquay Pottery behind the bar and, in particular, on the mantelshelf in the room behind the bar – among others, there is a Torquay pot with Butterflies there!

Have seen vases with this sort of decoration described as Aller Vale for years, I know not where they come from, Not Torquay, and certainly not Aller Vale!


This pot was recently sold and has clearly a fake mark on the base, probably in felt tip pen! First rule in fakery is surely to know what your are doing – unless, maybe, there is another Aller Vale pottery in TOURQUAY, wherever that is!



This Aller Vale vase, which is shape number 499, is marked in an odd way, 499-13, I have not seen anything similar; the meaning of the ’13’ is hard to fathom, it cannot be the size (this is an 8″ vase)


A quirky jug from Watcombe marked ‘The Penge’; it seems that ‘The Penge’ may refer to an infamous murder case in 1877, a search on the internet will readily find the details!! My thanks to Rick for the picture.


Two curious small plates from Watcombe, with a raised oriental design created by cutting into the wet clay to leave raised areas which have then been coloured. I have seen larger versions, 8″ and 10″, before,  but these are small, being 3.5″ and 6″, – a nice pair of plates. My thanks to Steve for the pictures.

Watcombe 3.5 Watcombe 3.5" plate Watcombe 6 Watcombe 6" plate